USDAA April 3-6, 2014


This time I am going to post individual class results below, but also give you links to the zipfiles, one for each day. It’s your choice! If you like this (or if you hate it!) let me know!

Here are the daily zipfiles, all classes for that day:



Here’s a couple of printouts I wasn’t sure where to put:

And here are all the results by class and day and level!

LEVEL CLASS Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
P1 Standard Thurs-P1-Std.PDF Fri-P1-Std.PDF Sat-P1-Std.PDF Sun-P1-Std.PDF
Jumpers Thurs-P1-Jmp.PDF Fri-P1-Jmp.PDF Sat-P1-Jmp.PDF Sun-P1-Jmp.PDF
Gamblers Thurs-P1-Gmb.PDF Fri-P1-Gmb.PDF Sat-P1-Gmb.PDF Sun-P1-Gmb.PDF
Snooker Thurs-P1-Snk.PDF Fri-P1-Snk.PDF Sat-P1-Snk.PDF Sun-P1-Snk.PDF
Pairs Thurs-P1-Pairs.PDF Sat-P1-Pairs.PDF
Starters Standard Thurs-Strt-Std.PDF Fri-Strt-Std.PDF Sat-Strt-Std.PDF Sun-Strt-Std.PDF
Jumpers Thurs-Strt-Jmp.PDF Fri-Strt-Jmp.PDF Sat-Strt-Jmp.PDF Sun-Strt-Jmp.PDF
Gamblers Thurs-Strt-Gmb.PDF Fri-Strt-Gmb.PDF Sat-Strt-Gmb.PDF Sun-Strt-Gmb.PDF
Snooker Thurs-Strt-Snk.PDF Fri-Strt-Snk.PDF Sat-Strt-Snk.PDF Sun-Strt-Snk.PDF
Pairs Thurs-Strt-Pairs.PDF Sat-Strt-Pairs.PDF
PII Standard Thurs-P2-Std.PDF Fri-P2-Std.PDF Sat-P2-Std.PDF Sun-P2-Std.PDF
Jumpers Thurs-P2-Jmp.PDF Fri-P2-Jmp.PDF Sat-P2-Jmp.PDF Sun-P2-Jmp.PDF
Gamblers Fri-P2-Gmb.PDF Sat-P2-Gmb.PDF Sun-P2-Gmb.PDF
Snooker Thurs-P2-Snk.PDF Fri-P2-Snk.PDF Sat-P2-Snk.PDF Sun-P2-Snk.PDF
Pairs Thurs-P2-Pairs.PDF Sat-P2-Pairs.PDF
Advanced Standard Thurs-Adv-Std.PDF Fri-Adv-Std.PDF Sat-Adv-Std.PDF Sun-Adv-Std.PDF
Jumpers Thurs-Adv-Jmp.PDF Fri-Adv-Jmp.PDF Sat-Adv-Jmp.PDF Sun-Adv-Jmp.PDF
Gamblers Thurs-Adv-Gmb.PDF Fri-Adv-Gmb.PDF Sat-Adv-Gmb.PDF Sun-Adv-Gmb.PDF
Snooker Thurs-Adv-Snk.PDF Fri-Adv-Snk.PDF Sat-Adv-Snk.PDF Sun-Adv-Snk.PDF
Pairs Thurs-Adv-Pairs.PDF Sat-Adv-Pairs.PDF
PIII Standard/PVP Thurs-P3-Std.PDF
Fri-P3-Std.PDF Sat-P3-Std.PDF Sun-P3-Std.PDF
Jumpers/Vets Jumpers Thurs-P3-V-Jmp.PDF Sat-P3-V-Jmp.PDF Sun-P3-V-Jmp.PDF
Gamblers/PVP Thurs-PVP-Gmb.PDF Fri-P3-Gmb.PDF Sat-P3-Gmb.PDF Sun-P3-Gmb.PDF
Snooker/PVP Thurs-PVP-Snk.PDF Fri-P3-Snk.PDF Sat-P3-Snk.PDF Sun-P3-Snk.PDF
Pairs Thurs-P3-Pairs.PDF Sat-P3-Pairs.PDF
Masters Standard Fri-Mas-Std.PDF Sat-Mas-Std.PDF Sun-Mas-Std.PDF
Jumpers Thurs-Mas-Jmp.PDF Sat-Mas-Jmp.PDF Sun-Mas-Jmp.PDF
Gamblers Fri-Mst-Gmb.PDF Sat-Mas-Gmb.PDF Sun-Mas-Gmb.PDF
Snooker Fri-Mst-Snk.PDF Sat-Mas-Snk.PDF Sun-Mas-Snk.PDF
Pairs Thurs-Mst-Pairs.PDF Sat-Mas-Pairs.PDF
Veterans Standard Thurs-Vet-Std.PDF Fri-V-Std.PDF Sat-V-Std.PDF Sun-V-Std.PDF
Snooker Fri-V-Snk.PDF Sat-V-Snk.PDF Sun-V-Snk.PDF
Gamblers Fri-V-Gmb.PDF Sat-V-Gmb.PDF Sun-V-Gmb.PDF
Teams! Team Standard Thurs-T-Std.PDF
Team Gamblers Thurs-T-Gmb.PDF
Team Snooker Thurs-T-Snk.PDF
Team Jumper Fri-T-Jmp.PDF
Team Relay Fri-Team-Relay.PDF
All the rest! Steeplechase Round 1 Fri-SCH-Rnd1.PDF Finals Sat-SCH-F.PDF
Masters Challenge Standard Fri-MCS.PDF Sat-MCS.PDF Sun-MCS.PDF
Masters Challenge Jumpers Fri-MCJ.PDF Sat-MCJ.PDF Sun-MCJ.PDF
Grand Prix Qualifier Sun-GP.PDF
Perf. Masters Challenge Standard Thurs-PCS.PDF Fri-PCS.PDF Sat-PCS.PDF Sun-PCS.PDF
Perf. Masters Challenge Jumpers Thurs-PCJ.PDF Fri-PCJ.PDF Sat-PCJ.PDF Sun-PCJ.PDF
Perf. Versatility Relay Fri-PVR.PDF
Perf. Versatility Jumpers Fri-PVP-Jmp.PDF
Perf. Speed Jumping Round 1 Fri-PSJ-Rnd1.PDF Finals Sat-PSJ-F.pdf
Perf. Grand Prix Qualifier Sun-PGP.pdf


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