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About Haute Dawgs

Haute Dawgs Agility Group began in 1990, when a number of people who trained together in obedience became interested in this new sport of agility and came together to “play”. Many of these charter members were also into the sport of tracking and incidentally liked to eat. After obedience class one evening they gathered for dinner and the topic came up of starting a new agility club so that they might put on an agility trial. The discussion then turned to what to name the new group and with group’s fondness for both food and tracking, and hot dogs being the then most common food drop for tracking, someone suggested that it be called Hot Dogs Agility. It was suggested that the name could have a little more class by changing the spelling of “hot” to “haute”. Laughter ensued and another suggestion was to change “dogs” to “dawgs” and a new club was born. Little did they realize that first night just how large the club would become and how it would grow.

Our first USDAA trial took place on a Saturday morning in 1990 and consisted of only a Starters class. There were less than 10 entries. Now, each year, the club offers 2 USDAA sanctioned trials, 3 CPE sanctioned trials, 2-3 NADAC sanctioned trials, and 2-3 Fun Matches.

In keeping with the spirit of our founding members’ creativity and a love for dog-related sports, a group of members felt the need to provide more opportunities for playing and working with their retired agility dogs. Nose Work had become more popular in the world of dog sports and many of the members were teaching and competing and found that there were very few trials available, so they decided to form a committee, they came to the Board with the prospect of adding Nose Work to the club’s agenda. In 2014 we held our first Nose Work trial and currently we are offering 2 to 3 NACSW sanctioned trials each year.

The corporate powers of the club are vested in the Board of Directors consisting of 4 Officers and 6 Directors at Large who are elected from the general membership and hold a two-year term.

Our Commitment to the Canine Community

Haute Dawgs regulary donates proceeds from their trials to many local organizations, including:

  • SCAF (Starfleet Canine Aid Foundation) – provides financial aid to owners that could not otherwise afford medical treatment for the treatable disease or injury of a canine companion.
  • Mercer Veterinary Clinic – provides free veterinary care to the pets of individuals experiencing homelessness and housing insecurity in Sacramento and Yolo counties.
  • Pets and Vets – provides emotional support animals to U.S. military. Includes a variety of services for Veterans, including free adoptions, veterinary care, and a training program that transforms rescue dogs into psychiatric service animals for Veterans with PTSD, traumatic brain injuries, anxiety, and more.
  • Front Street Animal Shelter – provides shelter and low-cost vaccination and spay and neuter clinics.
  • Morris Animal Foundation – works to improve and protect the health of animals through scientific innovation, education and inspiration. They are committed to fighting animal diseases worldwide, including canine cancer.
  • Various emergency funds for fire victims
  • Local schools

Join Haute Dawgs

Two reasons to join Haute Dawgs:

  • People. People who care, people who share, people who understand just how you feel about your dog. People who are willing to help and who make all the effort we put into these sports worthwhile. People who delight in your successes and victories, people who are just plain fun and know how to have a good time.
  • Love of the sport. If you enjoy fun matches and trials then you need to support the entities that offer these opportunities – you need to join an agility/nose work club. Agility and nose work are labor-intensive sports and volunteers are always needed and appreciated. Without clubs, there would be fewer matches and trials, fewer opportunities for you to do what you love – play with your dog.

[With thanks to Donna D’Amico, Founding member and past President of Haute Dawgs Agility Group]

We hope you will consider joining us!

Haute Dawgs accepts applications to the club on a continuous basis. All breeds of dogs, including mixed breeds, are welcome. Requirements for membership are:

  • Active participation in at least 2 club functions
  • Recommendation by two club members that have been members for at least 1 full year.

Download a membership application form [pdf]

Haute Dawgs Board and Committees

Officers and Board of Directors for 2022-2023

  • President – Debbie Campbell
  • Vice President – Sandy Taylor
  • Secretary – Kris Backus
  • Treasurer (interim) – Anna Potter
  • Directors at Large – Diane Adams, Daniel Edwards, Gail Gomes, Ann Kitchen, Mary Palumbo


Official Committee Chairs

  • NADAC – Karin Bell, Barbara Meyer, Sandy Taylor, Daniel Edwards
  • USDAA – Ann Kitchen, Candy Gaiser
  • CPE – Sue Horn, Justine Bradley, Anna Potter, Kris Backus


Other Club Contacts

  • Clothing – Anna Potter
  • Certificate Liaison – Patti Idlof
  • Fun Match Chair – (open)
  • Heart to Heart – Patti Peterburs
  • History – Jeri Reinhardt
  • Membership – Sandy Taylor
  • Web site – Kris Backus
  • CPE contact – Anna Potter
  • USDAA correspondent – Karey Krauter


Membership application [PDF]

Membership renewal form [PDF]