All About CPE SpeedWay

What is SpeedWay?

SpeedWay is similar to agility, but simpler. It consists of short (100-yard) numbered courses that contain hoops, barrels and/or tunnels. You run the course with your dog, and if your dog goes off course, just fix it and you still qualify!

Who can do SpeedWay?

SpeedWay is a great venue for dogs of all abilities and experience: young dogs (must be one year old), older dogs, dogs who no longer do contacts or jumps (there are no contacts or jumps in SpeedWay!) And, it’s great for handlers of all abilities and experience: newbies, veterans with new dogs, anyone who wants a fun venue and wants to build their confidence. SpeedWay is for YOU!

What does it look like?

Glad you asked! Below are some videos to give you an idea of some of the courses SpeedWay offers. (For course maps, please see the CPE Rulebook.) After viewing, please head over to our Events Page to find out when our next SpeedWay trial is scheduled.

Pole position solo – barrels and hoops. To practice at home, for barrels, use a tall stool, garbage can or even a tree!
Pitstop – all tunnels!
Slingshot – hoops and tunnels (in this video the dog goes off course, but in SpeedWay it isn’t a fault – just keep going – pick up where you left off – and you Q)

What is Drag Race?

Drag Race is a 50 yard or 100-yard dash. With the help of another person (if desired), the handler sets up at the opposite end of the start line from their dog, with the goal of getting the dog to run to them as fast as possible. A Lure Machine is used to get the dog to chase a lure. The handler in the finish/catch area may also call their dog and even throw a toy in the finish area to get the dog to cross the finish line. Here’s an example:

Drag Race 50