USDAA Fall 2014

USDAA Fall 2014 Trial Results!

Event Saturday Sunday
Masters Standard Sat-Mas-Std — (remember that WIND?)
Jumpers Sat-Mas-Jmp Sun-Mas-Jmp
Gamblers Sat-Mas-Gmb Sun-Mas-Gmb
Snooker Sat-Mas-Snk Sun-Mas-Snk
Pairs Sat-Mas-Pairs
Master’s Challenge Jumpers Sat-MCJ Sun-MCJ
Master’s Challenge Standard Sat-MCStd
Grand Prix Sun-GP
Steeplechase Sat-SCH-R1
P3/Vets Standard Sat-P3-Std
Jumpers Sat-P3-V-Jmp Sun-P3-V-Jmp
Gamblers Sat-P3-Gmb Sun-P3-Gmb
Snooker Sat-P3-Snk Sun-P3-Snk
Pairs Sat-P3-pairs
Performance Challenge Jumpers Sat-PCJ Sun-PCJ
Performance Challenge Standard Sat-PCStd
Performance Grand Prix Sun-PGP
Performance Speed Jumping Sat-SPSJ-R1
Advanced Standard Sat-Adv-Std
Jumpers Sat-Adv-Jmp Sun-Adv-Jmp
Gamblers Sat-Adv-Gmb Sun-Adv-Gmb
Snooker Sat-Adv-Snk Sun-Adv-Snk
Pairs Sat-Adv-Pairs
P2 Standard Sat-P2-Std
Jumpers Sat-P2-Jmp
Gamblers Sat-P2-Gmb Sun-P2-Gmb
Snooker Sun-P2-Snk
Pairs Sat-P2-Pairs
Starters Standard Sat-Strt-Std
Jumpers Sat-Strt-Jmp Sun-Strt-Jmp
Gamblers Sat-Strt-Gmb Sun-Strt-Gmb
Snooker Sat-Strt-Snk Sun-Strt-Snk
P1 Standard Sat-P1-Std
Jumpers Sat-P1-Jmp Sun-P1-Jmp
Gamblers Sat-P1-Gmb
Snooker Sun-P1-Snk
Pairs Sat-P1-Pairs Sun-Strt-Snk

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