January 2021 Letter From Debbie

January 9, 2021

On September 1st of 2019, I took over as the Acting President of Haute Dawgs Agility Group hoping to give Anna Potter, who had dedicated 12 years to the group as President, some more time to spend with her precious grandchildren. Meanwhile Sara McKinley stepped down as the club’s Treasurer. Anna graciously stepped in to fill the position until our next annual meeting which usually happens in January.

Unfortunately, a newbie Acting President agreed to a NADAC trial on the date the club normally has their meeting. Once the error was discovered, it was too late to schedule the meeting earlier in January. Anna and I tried to pin down a date that both she and I were in town and that did not conflict with an Agility trial. As we were narrowing it down, the first Stay at Home order was issued. The board that was in place in September of 2019 remains in place today. All have agreed to continue serving on the board until we are once again able to hold a Membership meeting.

Even with the Pandemic interrupting our regularly scheduled trials this last year, the club has managed to squeak in a few trials including our Nothin’ But Games CPE trial, the Haute August Nights NADAC trial along with a FUN Match in November. I want to thank everyone who stepped in and adapted to a new way of trialing. Our trial committees are and continue to be awesome.

The WAG facility has become the home of the club’s CPE and NADAC trials along with our FUN matches. It became clear to the board that without the facility run by Susan Rappillus and Dave Scheuner, we would be unable to hold these events. Starting in May, with each event that we have cancelled, the board has voted to pay the rental fees for the facility and equipment. This includes the two cancelled trials in January 2021. If we determine that any future trials need to be cancelled, we will look at the possibility of rescheduling, or paying the rental fees if we are financially able to do so.

As Anna noted in her last address to the club, annual donations to local animal organizations has become a cornerstone of the group. This year we carried on that tradition. The group donated $250.00 each to SCAF and Mercer Veterinary Clinic. Once we are trialing again and can replenish our coffers, we will look to do more.

This last year has been challenging all around. We appreciate the support all our members have given us. Thank you for your encouragement, and for your continuing support as members in this coming year. I am also very thankful for all the support our Board has and continues to give me.

I am optimistically hopeful that we will soon be back in the ring and I also hope to get some Nosework trials on the books. Maybe one day we can make me the official President of Haute Dawgs Agility Group.

Stay safe,

Debbie Campbell

Acting President

Haute Dawgs Agility Group