In memorium

Gib Brown passed away peacefully on May 14, 2014
with his loving family by his side.
Before he passed away he expressed to me
his love for the wonderful folks who do agility
with their beautiful and intelligent dogs. He
asked me to tell you how much he loved and
missed being part of the agility family.
He did not want to have a memorial service.
Those of you who knew Gib well would
understand that the only thing wanted was for
you all to remember the wonderful times you
spent together. Maybe he would have
eventually even have figured out how to get
Sam through the “Snooker” level 2.
His love for Border Collies and their plight was
a passion in his life. If you intended to send
flowers to a memorial service, he would
instead request that any monies be sent to
“Border Collie Rescue of Northern California” in
his name.
I thank you for your many years of friendship
and support. Gib will be holding Gypsy and
smiling down on you all from his new vantage
With all my love, Lynne