A Message from Anna

[from an email to the All Members list, August 30, 2019]

When I accepted the nomination and position of President of the Haute Dawgs Board this past January, I did so knowing that I wanted to retire from that position sometime during the first year of the term.  At that time, Debbie Campbell declared that she wanted to take over the position of President.

I was elected President in 2007 and it has been an honor to serve as President all these many years.  During that time, the club has expanded into NoseWork, implemented annual donations to many local animal organizations and has continued to provide our community with agility trials though out the year.

Debbie Campbell will begin as interim President starting September 1 and will then go through the process of being nominated and formally elected in January at our annual meeting.

Another change that will happen on our Board is that our treasurer, Sara McKinley, has moved from the area and she will no longer be able to be our treasurer.  Sara has faithfully been our treasurer since 2011.  She has kept the club financially in order and the Board appreciates her honesty and consciousness.  I will be acting as Interim Treasurer starting September 1, and the Board will be looking for a new Treasurer to be nominated and elected at the January annual meeting.  

Any member that thinks they have the qualifications and interest to be Treasurer, should contact Debbie Campbell at djc_design@yahoo.com.  Sara has provided us with a job description and she can share that with you.
Thank you
Anna  ^..^  ^..^